Exploring 304 Stainless Steel Welded Pipes

Stainless steel is a widely used material in many industries, and welded pipes constructed from 304 stainless steel are no exception. By understanding the properties and uses of the 304 stainless steel welded pipe, one is better able to make an informed decision when choosing a pipe for their specific application.

This article will discuss the characteristics of 304 stainless steel welded pipe, how it differs from 316 stainless steel, and why Vinmay's 304 stainless steel pipe stands out.

What are 304 Stainless Steel Welded Pipes?

304 Stainless Steel Welded Pipes are a type of metal piping that is made from a combination of chromium and nickel. These pipes are durable, corrosion resistant, and heat resistant, making them an ideal choice for use in a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

304 stainless steel welded pipes come in several shapes including round, square, rectangular, and oval. 304 stainless steel round tubing are widely used for general purposes and plumbing due to their strength and corrosion resistance. 304 stainless steel  square tubings and 304 stainles steel rectangular tube are popular in construction and architectural projects for their aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. Oval pipes are used in specialized applications like automotive exhausts and decorative elements for their unique appearance and aerodynamic properties.

The welded construction of 304 stainless steel welded pipes provide strength and leak-proof joints that are suitable for use in high-pressure environments. The combination of corrosion resistance and strength makes these pipes a great choice for long-term use.

304 stainless steel welded pipes

What industries use for 304 stainless steel welded pipe?

The application of 304 stainless steel welded pipe is diverse , being commonly used in machinery , architectural , chemical ,food and beverage and cryogenic industries
In machinery, it is used in components such as valves, pumps, and fasteners.

Architecturally, it is used for cladding and handrails, as well as for structural frameworks.

In chemical industries, it is used in process piping systems and heat exchangers.

In the food and beverage industry, it is used for its corrosion resistance and non-contamination properties.

Lastly, in the cryogenic industry, 304 stainless steel welded pipe is used for its strength and durability in extreme temperatures.

304 stainless steel welded pipes

How are 304 and 316 Stainless Steel Different?

304 and 316 stainless steel are both popular grades of stainless steel, however, there are important distinctions between them.

On a chemical level, 304 stainless steel contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel while 316 stainless steel contains 16% chromium, 10% nickel, and 2% molybdenum. This difference in chemical composition gives 316 stainless steel superior corrosion resistance compared to 304 stainless steel.

Price-wise, 316 stainless steel is usually more expensive than 304 stainless steel. However, this difference in stainless steel price is usually minimal and the cost of corrosion prevention must also be taken into account.

In terms of usage, 304 stainless steel is typically used for kitchen sinks, medical equipment, and architectural applications while 316 stainless steel is often used for chemical processing equipment, marine applications, and in the food and beverage industry.

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What makes Vinmay's 304 stainless steel welded pipes stand out?

304 stainless steel welded pipe is the most popular product in Foshan Vinmay Stainless Steel Co.,ltd. Vinmay's 304 stainless steel pipe stands out from the competition due to its superior raw material, thickness and outer diameter, outer surface, welded line, and mechanical properties.

Raw Material
Analysis of raw materials used for the production of stainless steel welded pipes is essential. Vinmay's commitment to high-quality raw materials ensures that their 304 stainless steel welded pipes are reliable and durable.

All of the raw material in Vinmay are from TISCO, BAOSTEEL, TSINGSHAN and other high quality steel supply refining furnace materials, which can make sure a high stability and corrosion resistance to all of our products. In addition, we can provide the quality inspection report of raw materials.

Thickness and Outer Diameter
Stainless steel welded pipes are produced according to international stainles steel tube standards of tolerance, and have a wide range of thickness and outer diameter variations. This makes them ideal for use in fittings assemblies, as they are easy to work with and have a reliable degree of accuracy.

This allows for the construction of complex, interdependent parts and structures in a safe and efficient manner.

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Outer Surface
The outer surface of a stainless steel welded pipe is of great importance. All of the stainless steel welded pipe from Vinmay are Free from press point, scratches, black spot. And the mirror finish of 600 grit stainless steel pipe are close to Taiwanese and Italian producers, what’s more the outside welded lines of our stainless steel welded pipe are invisible

Welded Line
Welded lines are a critical component of stainless steel pipes, requiring precision in their execution. Fully T.I.G welding is used to ensure that the weld bead has a maximum height of 0.2mm, which enables the pipe to be easily bent to the desired shape.

Mechanical Properties
Flaring, flattening and flange testings allow us to follow standards: EN 10217-7, EN 10312, DIN11850(EN10357) , ASTM 249/269 and 270

Pipe Inner Surface
The inner surface of welded stainless steel pipe is of great importance to the overall quality of the pipe. All of the pipe from Vinmay are Removing the inside bead of the welded area reduces the roughness of the surface below 1.6 Ra. With further polishing of the inside surface, the roughness can be further decreased to a range of 0.4-0.8 Ra. And what’s more All of our tubes are in100% inside cleaning ( ultrasonic wave and wipe)

304 stainless steel welded pipes


304 stainless steel welded pipes are widely used in a variety of industries due to their durability and malleability. With its excellent corrosion resistance, 304 stainless steel pipe is often utilized in applications that involve exposure to water and other harsh elements. When compared to 316 stainless steel, 304 has slightly lower strength and corrosion resistance, but is still an ideal choice for many applications.

Foshan VinVinmay's 304 stainless steel pipe stands out due to its superior quality and craftsmanship, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.For more inforamtion, please feel free to contact us.  

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