Stainless Steel Water Tube

Stainless Steel Water Tube

Light gauge stainless steel water tubes are thin-walled pipes made from stainless steel, typically with a diameter ranging from very small sizes up to larger dimensions used in various plumbing and fluid transportation applications. These tubes are constructed from stainless steel, which offers excellent resistance to corrosion, making them suitable for conveying water and other fluids without the risk of rust or degradation.

Technical Parameters

Material304 /304L/316L
CertificatePED/ISO/MTC/ AEO
Length5.8 M ,6M ,20 Feet or Customized
ProcessingWelding, bright annealing, inside bead removing,polishing(inside and outside)
Delivery Time30 days for a container quantity
Payment TermsT/T, LC, Cash, etc. Normally 30% by T/T in advance, balance to be paid before shipment.
PackingEach tube will be packed in plastic bag, then several tubes will be packed by hollow plate.
ApplicationIt widely used in houses ,schools, hospitals, hotels of enginnering bulidings and varitey of water delivery project

Size List

stainless steel water tubes

Product Advantages

  • Complete testing equipments to improve the quality.
  •  The thickness and diameter tolerance of the tubes are produce strictly according to international standards: EN 10312.
  •  The production processes (Annealing , inside polishing and inside bead removing) are strictly controlled, the temperature of annealing is contarolled in 1050℃ to 1080℃ to ensure the physical and mechanical properties of tubes.

 Benefits of Stainless Steel Water Tubes

  • Health-Conscious:     

The inner surface of stainless steel water pipes remains smooth over time, resisting scaling and bacterial       contamination. This ensures prolonged use without compromising water quality concerns. Stainless steel, being entirely renewable, poses no environmental hazards.

  • Versatile Selection: 

Various materials like 304, 304L, and 316L offer adaptability to different conditions while maintaining high strength.

  • Durability and Cost-Efficiency: 

A chromium-rich oxide film on stainless steel surfaces ensures excellent corrosion resistance in all water fluids, including soft water. Corrosion tests indicate a potential lifespan of 100 years with minimal maintenance, reducing the need for costly pipe replacements. This significantly lowers the overall usage costs.

  • High Temperature and Pressure Resistance:

Stainless steel water pipes maintain stability in extreme temperature ranges without harmful substance precipitation. Their high strength minimizes water leakage due to external forces, reducing the risk of leaks.

Product Packaging

Inner Packaging
Inner packaging
Inner Packaging
Outer packaging
Outer Packaging
Outer packaging
Hollow Plate Packagingt

Application Showcase

water pipewater pipe

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