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What's the annual output?

Vinmay produce more than 25000 tons stainless steel tubes in a year.

How do you inspect the tubes?

The Quality inspectors inspect the tubes during each production processes from raw material,tube welding,polishing,packaging.
1) Before the production of each machine, we will have the first checked and record the data.
2). During the production, our inspector and engineer have been carefully moniting and we record the data every two hours.

What is your welding method?

All of our tubes are welded by tig welding methods. Our tubes can get fully welding and smoonth inner welding, without blisters, leak welding or black line. All of our tube are good for tube bending.

How do you control the quality during the polishing process?

1)As for the mirror polish square/rectangular tube , we will polish it as least four times)
2)During the polishing processing, we set a special sanding wheel to polish the welding part.
3)To avoid scratches,after polishing,the tubes will be lay out on a steel crate then we could lift the whole steel crate instead
of the tube.
4)On the other hand, we use the gunny bags to protect the tube's surface when the tube laying-out.

What is your location?

We are located in Sanshui District, Foshan City which is a famous stainless steel production base.

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